Token Support & Certification

TokenRaise offers support & certification services to crypto-asset projects using the highest industry standards.

Evaluate & Ensure Your Project Meets Industry Standard Best Practice

With terms like “the Wild West” being used to describe the crypto-economy, a successful token sale or ICO can seem daunting. 

TokenRaise will help you evaluate and ensure that your project meets the high industry standards and best practice being developed by the crypto-community. With our support, your project can be certified ‘good’ across several important pillars: regulatory compliance; project transparency; security; and corporate responsibility.

Our Support Services Ensure Your Best Possible Project Launch

TokenRaise offers a safe, supported place for non-experts to engage in the crypto-economy. Our range of project support services can help you to fill an expertise gap, or just a capacity gap. 

Want to learn how you can integrate beneficial social and environmental perspectives into your project and do some good in the world? We can help you with that too! TokenRaise is here to guide you from start to launch, however you may need.

Stand out from the rest of the crowd

Meeting crypto-community developed standards adds legitimacy to your project, and TokenRaise will help you do this.

Regulatory Compliance

This includes compliance with both US and non-US regulations, as applicable to your project.

Project Transparency

Transparency standards are important for ensuring that potential investors have sufficient information to gauge the value of the ICO and project, as well as to gauge the credibility of the project team.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility standards are important for ensuring that responsible and sustainable business practices are built into the ICO project from the very start.


Security is of paramount importance to the legitimacy and credibility of the industry, and as such TokenRaise is aligned with the information security standards that have been developed by the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4).

Smith Standard Seal of Approval

Support services to raise your bar

Our range of services will help you get from concept to launch, and to meet the highest possible standards along the way

  • Token Development
  • White Paper Support
  • Technical Audit
  • Financial & Legal Auditing
  • Market Research
  • Design & Usability
  • Payment Handling
  • Marketing Support