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We help you design, structure, and successfully launch a legal ICO or token sale. 
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Unique in the World of Token Sales & ICOs

Community-Built Standards

TokenRaise's cryptosecurity (TRT) is the first "token-as-share" cryptosecurity that offers an ownership stake and governance rights in the TokenRaise launch platform and firm, as well as the opportunity to contribute to the development of high industry standards and best practices.

Launch Platform & Investment Hub

With terms like “the Wild West” being used to describe the crypto-economy, investors & launchers have legitimate concerns about where to launch their token, and who to invest in. TokenRaise creates a safe marketplace for like-minded launchers & investors.

Development & Launch Services

Alongside helping to establish a strong foundation of standards and best practices through the Smith Standards Foundation, the TokenRaise team provides a launch platform & support services to ensure high-quality, high-security, and most importantly - accessible - ICOs and token sales.

Our Approach

Better Standards

TokenRaise’s first priority is to establish the crypto-community-based Smith Standards Foundation, a powerful network of crypto-economy experts who will advise and help to shape the development of high self-governance standards for cryptocurrencies and cryptosecurities. TokenRaise has already initiated this vision by developing draft TokenRaise Standards and Smith Standards that will form the starting point for community discussion and ratification. These Standards set a high bar for best practice in: Transparency, Compliance, Corporate Social Performance, and Security.

Better Access

Our services will help to bring new diversity and inclusiveness to the crypto-economy. We are organized to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table, and a voice in helping to shape the future. Need proof of our community-driven approach? 30% of TokenRaise will be owned by TR token-holders; 29% of our Board of Directors will be TR token-holders.

Better Crypto-Economy

Our focus is on bringing innovators, investors, and community-members together to help forge an accessible and responsible way forward for the crypto-economy. We can’t – nor do we want to! – do this alone.

About TokenRaise

We are Motivated

TokenRaise is here because we believe there is a better way forward. We see enormous potential for good things to be accomplished through an accessible and responsible crypto-economy, and we have taken responsibility for helping to make it happen.

We are Different

We want to surround ourselves with smart and thoughtful people; we want to surround ourselves with people who will argue with us. It takes diversity, expertise, dedication, and vision to build great things, and we are organizing that way from the start. We believe that the TokenRaise community is going to enable great change!

Our Mission & Values

We are a growing community of diverse individuals committed to resolving the problem of self-governance in the crypto-economy, without limiting the opportunity or freedoms of the industry. We will demonstrate our capability and expertise through the launch of our own cryptosecurity (TRT), and later through the launch of our own cryptocurrency. We will be a reliable source of information and support for all of our stakeholders – launchers, investors, and Smithholders. We value honesty, transparency, accessibility, integrity, and fair play.

An In-Depth Look


A high-level overview of the White Paper scaled down to just 1-1/4 pages.

Draft Standards

Learn more about the draft Token Standards and Smith Standards. 

White Paper

Our strategy to lead in making the crypto-economy accessible and responsible.

Leadership Team

Clyde Hull

Clyde Hull


Clyde has been researching and teaching innovative, digital entrepreneurship and responsible for-profit strategies for over 15 years. He earned an MBA and a Ph.D. in business management from Indiana University. He is excited about helping people use blockchain and tokens to make the world a better place, and to do well for themselves while they do.

Robert Crown


Holding degrees in both Physics & Mathematics, Robert Crown is a data geek. He is fond of open-source software and turning data into understanding. Robert is excited about the challenges and opportunities to be found in working with blockchain technology.

Jennifer Russell

Jennifer Russell


A lover of white-boards, Jennifer leverages her 10 years of consulting experience to facilitate the sharing of ideas and the optimization of systems. After managing government-industry collaborations and projects, and working with some of the world’s top CPG companies on strategic sustainability programs, she knows the value of effective engagement with diverse stakeholders. Jennifer is energized about the potential revolutionary impacts of making blockchain, tokens, and the crypto-economy accessible to all users.

Antonio Calabrese


Antonio is a serial entrepreneur who most recently founded Boonle – a marketplace platform for design projects. He is passionate about the platform revolution and how it can be applied to a decentralized model. His experience building a two-sided platform paired with his excitement of blockchain technology, motivates him to help others launch their own ICOs and token sales to foster the growth of projects that will impact the future.

Supporting Team & Advisors

John Fallone

Co-founder & Attorney at Fallone SV

Dan Matteo

CPA & Director at RDHB CPAs

Sarah Tonzi

Owner & Consultant at Tonzi Communications

JP Bourget

CSO at Syncurity

Riley Carhart

CPA & Manager at Flaherty Salmin LLP

Derek Hansen

Product Strategist & Blockchain Advisor

Ryan Wilson

VP Controller at Mast-Jägermeister US, Inc.

Craig Watkins

Content Creator & Project Manager



White Paper

The TokenRaise White Paper outlines our vision, motivation, strategy, and business model. You will find the draft Token Standards and Smith Standards, and learn more about our goal to lead in making the crypto-economy accessible and responsible.


Platform Development

We’ll provide more information regarding our development timeline soon.