Consulting, Advisory, Certification, & Support for Blockchain Startups.

Instill trust and bring confidence to your crypto-fundraise with our support & guidance.

Validate Your Through Certification

It’s no longer 2017. Investors are questioning the validity of projects and regulators are watching closely. Ensure that your project meets industry best practices and show that you’re serious about competing in the crypto-economy.

The certification process is based on proposed community-built standards specifically for crypto projects.

Complete the intake

Provide us with details about your project, team, and goals.  Get started.

We Plan the process

Based on information that we gather from you, we’ll set up an action plan. 

Intense Review

We scrutinize every piece of the project as it relates to the standards

Necessary Actions

If we find that any step of the process fails, we’ll let you know how to fix it. 

Deliver Package

Use our final report to demonstrate credibility to potential investors.

Certification Granted

We’ll issue your certification on the blockchain. 

Support - No Matter What You Need

Our range of services will help you get from concept to launch, and to meet the highest standards along the way.

  • Token Development
  • White Papers
  • Technical Audit
  • Financial & Legal Auditing
  • Market Research
  • Design & Usability
  • Payment Handling
  • Marketing Support